Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ten Dollar Joke

First let me say, I have donated money to Omaze in the past. I think they are a great organization who partners with some pretty cool celebrities to help raise money for various causes.

Because I have donated, I have been receiving emails lately asking me to donate for a chance to walk the red carpet at the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman opening. I have been rather vocal about my lack of excitement for this film.

Not because I am against Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne. I actually think he'll do an excellent job.

Not because I am against Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent. I enjoyed his performance as the last son of Krypton in the last film, though I found the film itself to be a bit of a disappointment.

And not because I am against Zach Snyder directing. I think he's a capable director, though have found more than a few of his films to be lackluster.

But more so because I feel DC Comics, in conjunction with Warner Brothers, has done a terrible job managing its properties. I could go on and on about how much Marvel has done in comparison, but that's not really the point here. 

So yesterday, after receiving an email with the above photo, I couldn't help but editing it slightly and tweeting this photo:

Also, in a moment of dickishness, I replied to the email with the photo attached and a message simply reading:

I fixed it for you.

And then promptly forgot about it...until I received the following email from Hayden C at Omaze:

It reads:

Hayden C
Mar 14, 15:38
Hi Kevin,
Thanks so much for reaching back out to us here at Omaze. I see what you did there! (In my opinion, 48 Hours was truly a seminal moment for the buddy cop genre and Eddie Murphy's nascent film career. It's vastly underrated).
We sent the email you received on behalf of Henry Cavill to update and inform you about our awesome Batman v. Superman experience that closes tomorrow. Please feel free to check out all the details here! The donation will get you a chance at going to the premiere, while also making a vital impact on Eastern Congo Initiative, the SEED project, and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (all charities hand-picked by Batman, Superman, and Lex Luthor)
You are of course more than welcome to reach out with any questions or comments-we are always here and happy to help!

So what did I do after that? You can be damn certain I donated! A mere $10, but only because I'm low on funds at the moment. Not too low however, to appreciate Hayden's email back to me. If I could afford it, I was going to send $48.00, just because...
My donation will go to help fund the Eastern Congo Initiative, the SEED Project and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.
And what happens if I should win that walk down the red carpet? I honestly don't know. 
The Campaign closes tomorrow March 16th. They announce the winner on March 18th for the red carpet event on March 20th. Perhaps I'll see if Hayden wants to go. After all, I wouldn't have sent the money had he not written back.
This is the second time this week I donated money after a "bit" and it's only Tuesday! The previous one involved watching the heart wrenching Sarah McLachlan ASPCA video about 10 times for research on a video I was making. That ultimately cost me $25.00 and about a pound of tears.

I'll stick to Drumpf jokes through the weekend. Because no matter how bad I feel, that fucker ain't getting any of my money!

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