Monday, November 3, 2014

The LAVA Vote


According to ABC News: "A river of molten lava has oozed into a small Hawaiian town, covering the yard of two houses closest to the volcano." The reports continues, "The lava flow has been edging its way towards Pahoa."

The LA Times also reports on the unstoppable lava, that has been flowing from Kilauea volcano since the end of June. They show video of the lava flow, including a pond turning to steam once the 2100 degree lava hits that water source.

Now a tweet (which may or may not have any basis in factual evidence) has been found.

Kevin Regan@YourHeroKevin
Unstoppable Lava from Hawaii has reportedly gotten off a plane in New Jersey. Officials are now rounding up oven mitts to quarantining it.
 02:14 PM - 03 Nov 14
Both New Jersey state officials as well as Federal officials will comment on the plan to contain the "epidemic," once all of the ballots are accounted for in tomorrow's midterm elections. Until then, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE (except to vote...)

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