Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diminished Numbers

In 2009, I wrote a mere eight blog entries.  It was the year after the Phillies won the World Series, so it's possible I spent much of the year in drunken celebration.

In 2010 I had 30 entries.  Double digits!  Most of these were posts around Christmas.  Clearly, I didn't feel like working.

In 2011, 43 entries.  If my blog was a publicly traded company, these "upticks" would be a very good sign of potential growth.  There was an entry titled, "Rashes, Ticks & Chicks Who Perform Surgery."  I don't remember what it was about, but I'm sure it's sexy and barely safe for work.

2012 would see 51 entries!  WOW!  Even I am impressed.  Almost 1 a week.  I must have taken off while I was on vacation.

So I assume 2013 was quite the boondoggle, right?  Nope.  Seven.  Seven fucking blog entries!  Well, eight including this one.  I have reverted back to my 2009 numbers, and the Phillies haven't done a goddamn thing.

I keep telling myself, it's because I'm busy.  I wrote and produced a musical this year...and other stuff too.

There actually has been a lot of "other stuff," but I am finding that "Facebooking" takes up WAY more time than it should.  Clearly it's cutting into my blogging.  This can't happen!  I need to keep up the blog entries, as my laziness will eventually see me turn a bunch of old blog posts into a book, who would buy a book of a bunch of stupid Facebook posts?

"Chapter one, What The Fuck Is With All Of This Traffic?"
"Chapter nineteen, Look At What I Had For Fucking Dinner."
Finally, "Chapter Twenty Six,  FUCK (fill in political figure, party and/or agenda)!"

Apparently, I say "Fuck" a lot on Facebook.

So I admit, 2013 is a wash.  Like the current Phillies season, there's no coming back from this mess.  Instead I'll just attempt to keep sharp for my comeback in 2014.

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