Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just A Saturday Night In Wilmington

I don't play poker.

Mostly because I can read people's minds and therefore feel its cheating. Also, I don't like to "handle" chips, unless its that latin love Erik Estrada. I'm not gay, but come on! That dude's down right dreamy:
So last night I went to see Stephen Lynch at The Grand in Wilmignton, DE. It was an awesome show! I was there with Jim Burns, star of The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Jim is awesome. The secen where he farts in the tub and the Water Horse giggles like a child is priceless. Cinema at its finest. Again, not gay, but Jim is also dreamy:
Speaking of the dreamy, here's a shot of Jim dreaming. I hope he's dreaming of doing a sequel to The Water Horse. So many questions left unanswered.

Also, accompanying us to the show, was George Stulak. You may consider George dreamy, but he's most certainly gay. Also, never saw The Water Horse. Which in and of itself is rather gay if you ask this red blooded, hetero, America.

Although let's be honest, the dude can pull off wicker & camo, which will come in handy if we ever decide to storm the beachs of pretty much ANY beach resort.
So after the show, Steve Manocchio got us back stage with Stephen, Rod Cone and David Josefsberg. Stephen & Joberg were playing cards. Joberg said, "Sit down boys, play a hand." I told them I was religious and my God looked down upon those who gambled for financial gain. They said we could play for bragging rights, but I informed them pride too was a sin to my people. Jim and George are not burdened by such a strict God, which meant they were able to play (and will ultimately burn in hell...George even more so cause of the whole gay thing).
So Joberg dealt the cards and I let my mind reading go to work just to amuse me. Lynch was holding a pair of queens. Joberg nothing better than a 10. Jim was rocking a 2 pair. And George had a pair of twos and the instruction card. Not sure how that ended in there, but George held it when it was time to get some "fresh" cards. The betting part I zoned out for as I'm fairly certain just being in the room for that can have horrible repercussions on one's soul.
The betting went around the table and go to George. "Give me all your 9's," he said.
Joberg looked annoyed, "This isn't go fish buddy."
George threw the table over and pulled out a gun he fashioned from the seat infront of him during the night's performance. "I said I'll be taking the Gosh Dang nines ya cunts!" Personally, I appreciated him not taking the Lords name.
Joberg went throught the deck and gave him all of the nines. Let's face it, you don't mess with a dude in wicker and camo, no matter who you are. George texted me later that night he is almost done the house of cards he is building only from "nines." George is on medication.
Before we left Stephen and Joberg were kind enough to pose for a picture with me.
If the photo seems hazy, it was probably all of the REEFER in the air. You know those guys in the music biz. Also, if you look closely, you and totally tell Stephen is grabbing my ass.

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