Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Third Time's A Charm?


So perhaps Gus is Pennsylvania's second most famous groundhog, but I think I might be Pennsylvania's second most "accurate" prognosticator.

On January 6th I wrote about Trumps Tweet's and the fact that Twitter had deleted 7 of his last 10 Tweets. Later that afternoon, he'd inspire his devotees to "storm the castle" in an attempted coup of the US Government.

On January 8th I wrote about how Jack Dorsey & Twitter refused to curb Trump's megaphone by taking away this Twitter account. Later, they'd temporarily suspend his account, and ultimately make the suspension permanent.

In no way do I think I influenced any of these things from happening.


The power ball is up to $550 Million.

Odds of winning 1 in 292,201,338.

I'm 1.

Let's see what happens.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Twitter is Fine For Entertainment, But Not News

There is a lot to take issue with in regards to Twitter and its CEO, Jack Dorsey.

They continually refused to curb Donald Trump's megaphone as long as his campaign continued to pour more and more AD revenue into the company during the 2020 Presidential Election. Now that it's over and that faucet has been turned off, the costless "face saving" display of temporarily suspending his account was a no-brainer. Perhaps it should be more permanent. Regardless, to many, this is too little and way too late.

Far more informed and well spoken people can, and will, continue to have this discussion.

But what I want to point out is Twitter's poor use of language.

This is the message you receive when you read through some of Twitter's aggregated Tweets on a certain subject:

For example, right now TED CRUZ is trending in regards to the increased criticism he's facing for his unsubstantiated claim that there was voter fraud in the 2020 Election. This played an enormous part in the riots we saw in the US Capitol on January 6th.

The number of unique Tweets in that aggregated "nest" is 14. FOURTEEN! And worse, they come from 8 different accounts.

There is no way on Earth (*round or flat), that 8 people's thoughts in 14 total Tweets could bring you "up to date" on this subject. Or almost any subject, really!

Sure, if you were trying to...let's say steal a piece of art from the US Capitol, and you accidentally tased yourself resulting in your heart stopping, we could probably cover that in 14 tweets. Hell, I bet I could do it in 1:

Nailed it!

But really how well informed could you possible be on something as intricate and complicated as this issue, or really any issue, facing our nation?

My point is, Twitter is merely entertainment, It is an absolutely atrocious place in which to get your news.

Please read newspapers. Yes, you can read their online sites, but you should be paying for it! 

Rather than saying, "Dammit, I used up my 5 free articles this month," please pay for well researched, and meticulously vetted information. Not from some stupid limerick written by a guy who really only joined Twitter to tell dick jokes and sometimes posts rants when his anger boils over.

(*And it's round, dummies - you're up to date)

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Unemployed Gameshow Host, Donald Trump's TWEETS

In the case of "Nuh-uh vs. Yuh-huh," seven of unemployed gameshow host, Donald Trump's last ten Tweets have the added demarkation, "This claim about election fraud is disputed."

I'm not sure if these 45 characters count against the 280 limit allowed per Tweet, but I will say, at least we know this portion of the message is spelled right!

EDITED (after the events of 1/6/2021):  Obviously, everything vile this "man" stands for was bound to eventually boil over into chaos, violence, and exactly what we witnessed on Wednesday 1/6/2021 at the US Capitol Building in the District of Columbia. 

Donald Trump's Twitter was suspended yesterday evening after this sociopath-in-chief couldn't even muster the smallest amount of civility that newborn humans come into the world with. 

Jack Dorsey and his Twitter lackeys waited too long and acted too late in doing anything to curb the abhorrent behavior that led to yesterday's events. And even that was to save face and perhaps help stave off the plummet in stock value. So business as usual.

I yearn for the day when "Donald Trump" is merely a bad memory.
Though I know he and his sycophant's affects will be a nightmare we'll be waking up to for many long years to come.

Be kind to each other. Be brave. Be strong. Better days are surely ahead.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

"Banished" Words of 2020

At the beginning of every year, Lake Superior University compiles a list of words they wish to be "banished," which had grown popular in the previous year.

Along with having never heard of Lake Superior University (sounds like a "back-up" school), there are some words on this list I have never heard before...well, at least one.

You can find the FULL listing here:


Many of the "Words That Should Not Be Named" are completely unrealistic, such as "COVID-19" or "coronavirus."

While I completely respect the sentiment here, there is just no way we could eliminate something that has had such an enormous impact on ALL of world history. Especially when we have yet to "eliminate" the disease itself (I mean, come on, wear the fucking mask!)

However, I can 100% get behind ridding the world of words such as "Rona," which seems like the laziest SLANG ever created. I mean COME ON, say the whole damn thing! We aren't going anywhere. We've got the time!

"Social Distancing" is another word (or phrase) on the chopping block. This I concur with, as it doesn't seem to capture the true spirit of what is necessary in these turbulent times:

People are so demonstratively stupid, it makes sense to eliminate this phrase for one that spells out completely what is necessary. Therefore saying something like, "Stand 6 feet away from each other, but since you all suck at simple mathematics, let's just say "six seats" away. Be it a seat at a concert, sporting event, or movie theater...none of which we are able to go to, because you fuckers don't know what 6 feet means (also, wear the fucking mask)!"
*Clearly this needs a "rona" like abbreviation.

The phrase "I know, right" should have been eliminated long ago, along with "I'm just saying," "I can't even," & "This" when none of them are accompanied with any other independent thought. Probably, even if they are.

"Karen" can stay. At least for another year. I know some amazing Karens and not one of them is represented by the stereotypical "Karen," but I'd imagine most of them are all for the sentiment. As the male equivalent, "Kevin," I also have no problem with this sticking around.
(*But let's be honest, "Kevin" should be replaced with "Grant" or "Tyler" or something like that, but whateves...)

"Whateves" isn't on the list, but should be.

And finally, "Sus." I have never heard this before. In fact, I thought it was a typo and they meant "Cis." But apparently, this hip dude was not aware of the word "Sus," which is an abbreviation of the word "Suspect." I can think of one, "about to be unseated Presidential Administration" that might be interested in getting rid of this word.

My personal belief is that we should be working less toward eliminating words, and more towards getting people to read the entirety of articles filled with them as opposed to merely headlines, but whateves...

Also, wear the fucking mask!

Friday, October 2, 2020

"HOPE" - Ain't Just A Poster

In 2008, Shepard Fairey's "Hope" poster became a symbol of change that, then presidential nominee, Barack Obama would bring to the White House.

It is still an image that brings about a lot of emotions regardless of political belief.
If you're PRO-bama (I AM!), it brings about a feeling of optimism, possibility, quite simply -HOPE.
If you're ANTI-bama (If you're reading this, you're likely not), it brings about feelings of anger, frustration, negativity.

What it never did, until last night, was brought about a feeling of prognostication.

Late yesterday, it was revealed Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID-19. A lot of people believe they may have contracted it on the campaign trail from Trump's adviser, Hope Hicks who tested positive a couple days before.

Donald Trump is 74 years old. This puts him in a much higher risk grouping than if he were say 51 years older, which is how old Barack Obama was when he was running for re-election in 2012.

Obesity is often cited as an extremely high risk factor in COVID-19 patients. And contrary to the "medical reports" that come from the White House, Trump doesn't seem to be the model of good health. We have all seen the photos of Donald Trump on the golf course. They don't appear to be of a svelte man who is concerned about his BMI.

It remains to be seen how serious this diagnosis will affect him, but personally, at this point, I'd prefer to see Trump removed from office at the polls. And definitively so! If however this virus proves to be the downfall of this President, Fairey's poster will take on a much more ominous meaning.

We always hear about weird *facts in politics such as Abraham Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy and John F. Kennedy's secretary was named Lincoln.

But THIS would be more akin to General George B. McClellan running against Lincoln on the platform of changing the seating in local diners with the following poster:

Regardless, it would appear, "It is what it is."

*FACT: Lincoln’s secretaries were named John George Nicolay and John M. Hay, not Kennedy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

All You Fascists Bound To Lose

I'm gonna tell all you fascists, you may be surprised
People all over this world are getting organized
You're bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
Race hatred cannot stop us, this one thing I know
Poll tax and Jim Crow and greed have got to go
You're bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
All you fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You're bound to lose, you fascists
Are bound to lose
People of every color marching side by side
Marching across these fields where a million fascists died
You're bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
All you fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You're bound to lose, you fascists
Are bound to lose
I'm going into this battle, take my union gun
Gonna end this world of slavery before this war is won
You're bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
All you fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You're bound to lose, you fascists
Are bound to lose
I said, all you fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You fascists are bound to lose
You're bound to lose, you fascists
Are bound to lose

   - Woody Guthrie (with additional words from 
Billy Bragg & Wilco)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

"Was David Seville a Primordial Dwarf?"

Don't be alarmed, it's not Christmas yet, Wait...I actually have no idea what day it is...
...okay, I checked. It's Memorial Day Weekend, not Christmas. So hang in there everyone.

I posted this photo, because if you were born before 1985, this is the way you most likely know the Chipmunks. (I assume, I've done zero research on the matter, and still feel taxed).

But THIS photo immediately leaves me with a question that I posed to Google:

"Was David Seville a primordial dwarf?"

Lately we have had more and more chipmunks showing up in our yard. Today, my wife took a photo of one.

Look at the size of those peanuts compared to that little dude! He's so tiny! Now go back to the top and look at David Seville in comparison to Alvin, Simon, and Theodore...depth of field aside, David is petite! Like, fit in your hand petite! He's not even twice the size of Simon (the tallest of the chipmunks)!

So I repose the question: "Was David Seville a primordial dwarf?"

OR, were the chipmunks in fact, NOT CHIPMUNKS AT ALL? Maybe they were bear cubs. 
Christmas with the Bear Cubs doesn't have the ring to it that "Chipmunks" does, so I could see a big record mogul saying, let's call these bear cubs, chipmunks.

Or maybe they aren't animals, but rather very hair humans. It would explain why they could talk as well as sing Christmas standards. I guess a bear cub can be trained to do that, but while disguised as a chipmunk? Seems pretty far-fetched.

Google didn't give me any results to my question. I'll keep looking and get back to you with my findings. Maybe I'll try Bing.